Turapur Water Pitcher Review – Hydrogen-Rich Water Expert?

Turapur Water Pitcher

Water is one of the most important drinks for our body as it contains everything we need to live a healthy life. But how to improvise the water you get out of your tap as it’s hard to buy bottled water for the rest of your life. You can fix this problem by buying a filter that helps you to clean tap water into a healthier one. Turapur Water Pitcher is one of the best systems you could find as it would convert your water into hydrogen-rich water. This is one of the features you could not find in any other filter that is available to the market. This is actually not a purification system but a filtration system instead.

Now you must be thinking why would you need hydrogen ion in your water? According to the creator of this product that would bring more energy to your body and makes your skin glow and right now very few people knows about it.

The filter contains different layers of minerals and once the water goes through it adds hydrogen ion into it. Hydrogen ions help your body to balance free radicals they could become a reason for your sickness. This water ll act just like antioxidants which doctors advise you to get from fruits and veggies.

So your body can intake antioxidants all day just by drinking Turapur water. You will feel more energized, look younger and it is also going to protect you from many diseases.

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This theory has also been backed up by a research taken place in Japan where they found out that hydrogen ion water helped diabetes patents by improving their metabolism.

Nate Rifkin the creator of this product has met a person who was about to celebrate his 50th birthday but he was looking like a 30 year old guy. He couldn’t believe it and asked him what is the secret behind all of it and he showed him this product which filters the water and adds hydrogen into it. Once he taste the water he felt a lot of energy into his body and he was intrigued and bought the machine for $4000.

He researched the product by using a ORP meter to check what changes the machine could bring to the water and compared the water with the most popular water available in the market. The results make him feel like he has found something amazing so he teamed up with someone to create a cheaper version of this product. .

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Turapur Pitcher Process

The first layer would take away the bad taste and smell from the water. The next one would soften the water and both of them make it taste better. When magnesium interacts with water it would help hydrogen to split it from oxygen to create an antioxidant to improve your health.

Turapur Water Pitcher Pricing

You can get this for $24.90 including shipping. According to the creator the filter price more than what you are paying for. Once you buy the product from the official website you automatically sign up for fresh filter reveal. Your filter would work for 60 days once you will start using it after that you are going to receive 3 more filters that would cost you extra $45 and it can clean your water for 6 months. But you can cancel this membership anytime without any extra fees. Turapur is amiable in 49 U.S states except CA.

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