Mieoko – Get $24 Make Up Brush for Free?

If you are a girl you might already have a bunch of makeup brushes but do you think you have got the one that is up to the mark? ABA has created this amazing brush that provide results that you have never seen before and usually the sell it at a price of $24 but if you will place your order now you can get it for free, you just have to pay very small shipping and handling fees.

What Makes Mieoko Make Up Brush Special?

According to the creator the ordinary makeup brushed you usually use contains 2000 to 5000 bristles but this brush has over 22,000 bristles that makes it softer than any other brush you have ever used and also you can get rid of the makeup from the brush in a heartbeat without any trace of it.

See the image below and you can see the difference how Mieoko could cover up everything so well and the brush you have been paying a lot of money is not providing the result you should have been getting all along.

The product is surely hundred times better comparing to all the brushes you have in your make up kit now and the company is giving it for free because they are quite sure you are not going to get anywhere once you will use this brush as it is going to change the way you make up and how fast you can clean up your brush to put on something else without going through process that takes good amount of time.

You might be thinking why this brush works so well on your skin, the first thing you should consider while buying one that the bristles on your brush should be very thin to apply your make up flawlessly and the 22,000 you are going to find on Mieoko are as thin as one fourth of a human hair.

This brush will also come up with a short video on how you can take care of it. Isn’t it amazing? Have you ever seen a brand telling you how you can take care of your product so it would last longer? No right which is what makes this brand different than any one else in the market.

  • It can help you to perfectly cover up your age posts or Blemishes.
  • The quality of the material used to create it is very good and completely vegan. Also the handle is created with solid wood that fits into your fingers.
  • You can use it with any type of make up weather its a liquid, cream or a powder.

American Beauty Association and Mieoko want to take care of your skin to keep a beautiful smile across your face. Of course this promotion can end at any time so what are you waiting for place an order now and get the softest makeup brush of all time just by covering S&H that won’t me more than a couple of dollars.

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