The Lost Book of Remedies by Claude Davis Review

The cure of any disease does not lie in treating the obvious symptoms only since this will not end the disease. The perfect treatment involves the elimination of the disease from its origin. The conventional medicines are mostly based on curing the obvious signs and symptoms and end up leaving a number of undesirable adverse drug reactions or complications. Due to this another set of medicines is needed and the final outcome is not very much satisfying. These conventional medications are costly due to their manufacturing procedures and therefore call for a good amount of money as well, the lost book of remedies contains natural cures for everyday diseases.

The naturally available plants and herbs have proven to be of great use for a long time. People have been living their lives healthily on this planet. Despite the fact that every human must have undergone some sort of illness; our ancestors have survived those terrible infections and allergies by using 100% natural herbal remedies and techniques. These natural plants and herbs are not only helpful in treating the illness but they are also miraculous in strengthening the immune system too.

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What is Claude Davis’ The Lost Book of Remedies?

The branch of functional medicine which describes the effect of different medicines on body systems and organs is known as naturopathic medicine. The lost book of remedies physical is an encyclopedia of all the naturally derived medicines as well as herbal remedies. The medicines prepared involving natural plants and herbs are also beneficial in the sense that it does not produce any serious side effects or hazardous outcomes. These medicines may take longer time to heal but they eradicate the disease from its original root source completely.

Who is the author of this book?

This book is designed and created by a survivor expert Claude Davis with the help of his grandfather’s incredible information about natural remedies. His grandfather was a Native American who brought up in such settlement where he has been a part of great battles. Due to such experiences, he was able to learn natural medicines to cure diseases.

How does it work?

This book contains information about over a hundred plants with their correct method of cultivation and how to get benefit from them by making herbal extracts and tinctures. It is a 3D illustrated guide with all the pictures of those plants and their look alike as well. The detailed recipes included in this book are of great medicinal importance.

Who is this book recommended for?

This book is suitable for everyone who wants to gain from the best of the nature surrounding ourselves. Anyone who’s interested in the natural herbal medicines in order to get relief can take this book as a principle guideline to ensure the correct method of cultivation of plants. The useful and non-useful parts of a plant are also discussed in this book. There is a step by step method of making herbal medicines to attain greater benefit from it. You can also make personalized remedies according to your body needs and underlying conditions.

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What’s inside the book?

The lost Book of Remedies mainly contains a number of natural ingredients which are widely used in preparing herbal remedies. Some of the main active natural ingredients include Angry Bear Paw, Red Beak Powder, Log Man’s Mending Fur, Berries of the Hawthorn tree, etc. These natural remedies are useful in healing wounds and relieving pain by numbness. Natural techniques to overcome hypertension are also well explained. A number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria are also widely spread in the atmosphere we breathe and this book enables us to deal with such bacteria too.

The book consists of three key things which include the following:

  • Names of plants which are useful in treating illnesses as well as managing certain conditions which require instant therapy.
  • Highly defined images of plants making easier identification.
  • Step-By-Step preparation of herbal medicines as well as the technique of growing those plants.

What are the benefits of buying this product?

  • Safe and natural

This book provides 100% natural and safe remedies which are prepared by using plants, herbs and their derivatives.

  • Easy to follow

The instructions are given in step by step sequences which are also illustrated by images making it easy to follow by anyone.

  • Instructive

The information about plants, their uses, method of cultivation and preparation of remedies are described with each and every detail.

  • No adverse outcomes

The number of adverse effects is reduced or minimized as compared to conventional medicines by using naturally safe herbal medicines.

  • Prevention

The remedies discussed in this book are also helpful in preventing a number of diseases.

  • Cost-effective

The price of this product is very low as compared to the benefits it provides.

  • Physical and digital editions

It is available in the form of the physical printed book as well as digital version making it handy and can be easily carried the way anyone like.

  • Money back guarantee

60-day money back guarantee is also given along with this product so in case a customer is not happy or satisfied, he can claim a full refund within 60 days.

  • Bonus gifts

There are two bonus gifts provided with this product which are ‘SHTF Medicinal Garden’ and ‘Everyday Disaster Medicine Guidebook’ which can be highly beneficial for the users.

How to buy?

This book is published as a hard copy as well as an e-book. You can buy it online by clicking ‘Order now’ on their official website. There are three options to choose from which includes: Digital Product, Physical + Digital Product and Physical Product. Each product option costs $37 only. There are additional shipping charges in case of buying the physical product while providing your general information and shipping details.

My Verdict

The Lost Book of Remedies hardcover is a 100% natural one-stop solution to treat a number of diseases with limited to no side effects and greater effectiveness. The book is greatly informative which provides all the details of growing your own herbs within the garden. Some of the herbs obtained through these procedures can be added as spices in the food which enhances the flavor as well as provide a healthy lifestyle too.

This product is highly affordable and illustrated with plant’s images. There are two bonus free gift books too which are an additional source of great information. Full refund money back guarantee is also available if a customer is not satisfied with his purchase which can be claimed within 60 days.

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