6 Natural Ways to Manage your Blood Pressure

During past decade diseases like diabetes and blood pressure can now be found at a very young age. Before people used to go through these dangerous diseases after the age of 40 but now even teenagers are effected with them.

People have to take very heavy medication to keep their blood pressure at a certain level. These medications are very heavy and could affect the health of your kidney and lever. If you want to avoid medication or keep you away from getting to the level where only medication would help you keep your blood pressure normal you have to change your lifestyle.  In this article you are going to learn about 6 simple things you could do to help you with that.

  1. Get rid of your Excessive Fat

If you look around yourself you will find that people who are lean are way healthier than the ones who are overweight. When your body has too much fat, it would be harder for you to breath while you are asleep and this could lead your body to increase its pressure.

The most important part you have to focus on is your waistline because if there is too much fat on that part of your body this could lead you to have a blood pressure issue sooner or later. According to a research once a men reaches 40 inches on its waist or a women reaches 35 inches, it’s a point where they should start making changes to their lifestyle or they would soon be facing life taking diseases

  1. Add some sort of workout to your routine

Most of us spend most of the time sitting on the desk these days and a physical activity is very important for you to stay health. There are many choices you have which you can choose from a simple morning run to Pilates, yoga or spending 30 minutes at gym every day is going to release the stress around your body it would also help you sweat which helps you get rid of the toxins from your body.

  1. Fix your Eating habits

A diet plan is one of the most important parts of your lifestyle and if you not following one this could be something may cause several health issues. You should always know what and how much calories you can consume per day because if you are eating more than your body requires you to you are going to increase the fat level inside your body and this can cause you diabetes, high blood pressure and heart related issues. You can always try to avoid as much salt as you can and try to eat fruits and veggies that are rich in potassium. Also avoiding processed food is also going to help your digestive system to perform well.  Eating healthy would also help you lose weight rapidly.

  1. Try to avoid high level of liquor

A very small amount of alcohol can help you lower your blood pressure. But if you will drink too much of it that would increase your blood pressure. The worst part it that if you keep the consumption like that it would even make the medication useless on your body.

  1. Reduce caffeine intake

Caffeine can increase your blood pressure or not this is a debate which has not been concluded yet. But many believe that people who drink it regularly won’t have much effects rather than the ones who rarely would increase their blood pressure rapidly with it. Try to take the value of your blood pressure before and after the consumption of caffeine and if you would see a certain change in 30 minutes you should consult your doctor.

  1. Manage your Stress Level

Chronic stress is something that would put your health at risk. It would increase your blood pressure even your digestive system and metabolism rate will be affected by being stressed. Try to get yourself some gift when you are down so you could be happy that you have achieved something you have been looking for. Try to find a solution for your problems as there is nothing that is the end of the world you will always have something else to do. Try to be with the people that make you laugh and the company you enjoy with. It would help you decrease your blood sugar and type II diabetes.

These are 6 simple changes that would help you reduce your blood pressure and keep you away from medication.

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By Rachel

I have been into fitness for more than a decade. I have started from light weight lifting and then I have started yoga and Pilates. As time passed by I have realized that I could help other people to have a healthy lifestyle so I have become a fitness trainer and a nutritionist. I have started this blog to share my experience in order to create a happy and healthy world.

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