Natural Ways to Take Care of your Skin

It’s hard to trust any product when you are putting it on your skin as most of them contain chemicals. All these unnatural elements can be harmful for your skin. You should always be very careful while choosing a product always read the label and stay away from anything that contains DEA, TEA or MEA as they could even give you skin cancer.

So your best bet would be to create natural products by your own. This way you would know what you are applying to your skin.

By mixing organic honey and lemon together you can create a face wash that would help you cleanse and moisturize your skin. If your skin is very dry then use milk instead of lemon. This can be made freshly at the time of use or even be stored in a fridge for later use.

Another amazing way to get rid of your dead skin cells is to use a scrub. There are very good scrubs out there from companies that you could trust but if you want to create one by your own. You will need Grape seed oil; honey and yogurt mix all of them in a bowl and rub it very gently in circular motion on your face and neck. You can apply this while taking a bath and this scrub can be use once or twice a week to make your skin smoother

Make a paste by grinding two table spoon of oats and mix it with a spoon of honey and yogurt to create a natural face mask apply it gently on your face and peal it off after 15 minutes by using warm water.

Wash your at least face twice every day to keep it clean and use Castile soap while taking a bath this would help provide essential oils to your body.

Natural Ways to Take Care of your SkinTo clean you feet you will need some sea salt put one spoon of salt into warm water and keep your feet inside it for a minute after that wash your feet try to do that before going to bed. Dry them afterwards and pour Vaseline on them and wear socks so it would absorb well.

You can naturally moisturize your overall body by applying coconut oil to it before taking a bath. Also keep yourself hydrated and you will see a difference in your skin in just few weeks.

Using Mineral sunscreens is a good idea to protect your skin under the sun as these products are naturally made without the use of any unnatural substance. You should avoid smoking because it can damage your skin badly by aging it prematurely.

Always choose make up that is created by well-known companies and that uses only natural ingredients. Beware of all the fake products as they have not gone through any laboratory testing and could harm your skin very badly. So don’t ever compromise on anything which can harm you and cause trouble in the future.

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