Natural Ways to Get Rid of Pimples Rapidly

As dust and pollution is increasing to our environment it’s very usual to get a pimple on your skin. Pimples occurred because of inflammation. When that happens your skin gets infected and swell up and sometimes even create pus inside a pimple.

The first thing you should do in order to avoid any sort of pimples is to wash your face as many times as you can using fresh water. Even using some natural ingredients such as tomato pump or rose water would help your skin to kill the toxins that may harm your skin.

To get rid of pimples you can do several things in this article you will learn how to naturally get rid of pimples without using anything that would harm your skin. Take an ice cube or a cooling pad and try to put it on your pimple for few seconds you can repeat this process for few minutes and it would definitely help you with the inflammation on your skin. Ice is the best source to be used while having an inflammation even when we get hurt while working out we should not put heat for first 48 hours this is one of the biggest mistake which people usually do that make it worst for them. When you get an injury while working out for the first 48 hours icing would help your body to get rid of inflammation after 48 hours you can use heat to get better.

Lemon is one of the ingredients you would find in every face wash and scrub as it’s an amazing bleaching agent for your skin. You can squeeze some juice and gently apply it on your pimples before going to bed, when you wake up wash your face gently with cold water.

How to get rid of pimples

Tea Tree Oil is an amazing way to kill bacteria off your skin. Just take a cotton bud and dip it inside then gently apply it on your affected area and leave it for 15 minutes before washing it off your skin. This would help your skin to get rid of pimples very fastly. If you have got sensitive skin you should never apply tree oil on it as it would be harmful for your skin.

Toothpaste could help you get rid of the swelling of your pimples. Just use a simple white toothpaste not the gel one apply it on your pimples before you sleep and rinse it up when you wake up and apply moisturizer later so you would have a dry skin, As sometimes when your skin gets dry it gets inflamed and you will start getting pimples.

Take a garlic and slice it up rub it very gently on your pimples leave it for 3 minutes after that wash it well with warm water.  You should also introduce garlic to your fairly lifestyle as it’s a great thing to cleanse your blood.

Another reason our skin gets pimples is when our pours are blocked and we can fix this issue by taking a steam. It’s just if someone would stop us from breathing, when your skin couldn’t breath it would cause inflammation and that would become a reason for pimples.

Using these simple tips you can easily avoid having pimples and even get rid of them, always try to have an healthy diet and take care of your entire body from head to toe to have a happy and healthy life.


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