What is Keto Diet? – A Guide for Beginners

Benefits of Keto Diet

Losing weight faster and getting in the right shape within days is the dream of every chubby person. But, the question is does that happen in reality? Can you lose weight faster than you have ever imagined? Well, you can’t trust the advertisements promoting products that can help you with that. For sure they are trying to fool you. But, yes there are ways how you can burn calories faster than you have ever had.

One of the most popular ways these days is the keto diet. Its supporters claim that it can shrink you down in the right figure. And yes that is true. There are a lot of people to whom it has played wonders. That is why nowadays keto diet is becoming so popular among the people especially celebrities. There might be a lot of questions arising in your mind about it. Let’s answer them one by one.

What is Keto Diet?

The first question is as the title says what exactly is keto diet. It is a routine in which you cut all the carbohydrate-rich food in your diet and replace them with fats. There are other diets as well but that basically required you to increase your protein intake. I bet you have tried them and no doubt you are not happy with the results.

The aim is to bring your carbohydrate intake as low as 20 gms in a day. You will be than eating more and more fats instead of that. There are a few things that you need to be careful about. One of them is how much fats you are taking in.

That is very important. As consuming the right amounts can help you with your weight problem before throwing your body in ketoacidosis. This is a serious complication that is found in diabetic patients. The reason is same diabetic patients body is not using glucose instead it uses ketone bodies.

Keto diet was introduced in the past to treat the patients who had diabetes. As it helps them to control their blood glucose levels. Then it became popular among people with epilepsy and cancer. It has played wonder in controlling all of these diseases. Now, it has gained a lot of recognization in the world of diets and an effective weight loss method.

How Does It Work?

The mechanism of how this diet helps you in losing weight is important. As once you know the working you will understand how to incorporate it in the right way in your daily routine.

In the normal state, the body uses carbohydrates to get the energy. This is most important for the brain which needs a continuous supply of glucose, as your brain cannot store the excess glucose. Thus, you need to keep pumping glucose.

When we are fasting and not taking in anything like in sleep, in that case, the body breaks down glycogen to release glucose to keep the brain satisfied. But, after few days glycogen levels start decreasing as well. If that is the case then in order to keep the brain happy body starts burning fat and releases ketone bodies.

Luckily brain can use that to fulfill its demand. So, when the glucose level is low in the blood-brain is using ketone bodies in that case. The result is your body fats start burning down.

This is what the nutritionist has found out after long research. Cutting down your daily calorie intake won’t make you any slimmer. You need to burn the excess fat in your body. Keto diet is the right way to do it.

Thus the aim of the keto diet is to increase your fat intake. Due to increase fat and low carbohydrate, body’s metabolism will shift to fat. This process is called ketosis as ketone bodies are produced at the end. These ketone bodies can be harmful if they accumulate in excess amount, so you need to be careful about daily fat intake. And it will play wonders for you.

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Benefits of Keto Diet

There come far more benefits from the keto diet then you have ever thought. Here are a few good things that you get with the keto diet.

Reduces Weight Faster

The older version of reducing weight techniques was entirely based upon cutting down the calories and increasing the workout. This does give some good results but takes a lot of time and hard work. You have to keep on working to get the proper results that you always wanted.

Keto diet targets on all the fat that is stored. So you start losing the weight before you even notice it. That means you don’t have to spend extra time in the gym.

Boost Your Hdl Levels

HDL is a good form of cholesterol. Your body needs this cholesterol to keep you healthy. The more HDL you have to more healthier your body is. The best way to get the HDL in your body is through eating fat-rich diets and cutting down on carbs. Thus, a good thing about keto diet is that it controls your fat level as well.

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Decreases Your Appetite

With all the ketosis going on in your body it keeps your body always full of energy. That means your body is satisfied. So, you won’t feel hungry all the time. This is the main thing that is prompting you to lose weight.

Cuts Down The Belly Fat

With the conventional methods of losing weight, you end up wasting on one side of the body than the other. That means you will be losing more weight on your thighs but your belly still looks the same. Keto diet can help you lose all the weight at once.

Promotes Heart Health

Keto diet can help people in a number of different ways with their heart problems. It decreases the level of Bad cholesterol in the body. Thus, you can fight blood pressure and other problems that might be affecting your heart adversely.

Reduces Acne

Besides just cleaning your body from inside it also helps you with your skin problems as well. There are some studies that suggest that people on low carb diets have better skin than those who don’t.

Reduces Risk Of Cancer

Some of the other major advantages of having a low carb diet are that it prevents cancer risk. It has a protective effect on the body from cancer.

What to Eat?

The main aim when starting a keto diet is that you have to avoid carbohydrate-rich food. The food that you will be taking in for the whole day should be having a larger proportion of fat. There has to be a strict checklist for this and consuming anything can upset your routine. So, you have to be strict with your diet.

Meat, fish, low carb vegetables, nuts, and seeds are a good way to start the day. This stuff is low in carbohydrates. Besides, you have to avoid fruits and sweets that are high in sugar content.

Side Effects of Keto Diet

Keto diet can help you with your health problems in a number of different ways. But, like all other things it does have some of its demerits. They can be avoided if you have to know the right amount that you have to take each day. Having too much of it for too long can push you towards some major adverse effect. This includes kidney stones and osteoporosis. However, you won’t have to worry about them if you know the balance.

There are some other issues as well that you can feel at the start of your diet plan. Due to cutting down all the carbohydrates you might feel irritable and hungry all the time. But once your body gets used to of it you will be fine.

This diet routine can help you in losing a lot of weight at a time. But, if you are the type of person who wants to get it done even faster than that, then you need to incorporate some supplements in your diet as well. These supplements can help you in reaching the level of ketosis faster. So, the process of losing weight starts earlier then it should be.

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