Healthy King Cream: A Pain Relief Miracle Cure?

Healthy King Cream Review

What is Healthy King Cream?

Deemed better than effective painkillers like Oxycontin and Vicodin by users, Healthy King Cream is a revolutionary remedy for muscular and joint pain as well as inflammation. It is a safe alternative to painkiller pills. The topical cream can be applied to the affected region on the body every day without experiencing any undesirable side-effects.

This product has been developed by Dr. Jamie Richardson who used his mother’s breakthrough remedy for pain. The magic ingredient comes from marijuana. The component used has been clinically proven to be safe as well as legal in the US.

It effectively deals with muscle pain which has become quite common among the general population due to various reasons. Be it a muscle injury, inflammation or autoimmune disease like arthritis, the cream successfully alleviates the associated pain and leads to immense relief.

The formula targets the exact source of body ache for the best results. It counters chronic inflammation as in the case of rheumatoid arthritis. Additionally, it also attacks joint pain and controls muscle spasms. Lastly, it deals with nerve pain to impart relief to users.

The composition of the Product

Listed as the primary ingredient of the cream, the word “marijuana” might raise some concerns. However, it is to be noted that the Healthy King Cream only contains a non-psychoactive constituent of the once notorious herb. This component is called the cannabinoid or CBD in short. On the other hand, the chemical which causes the “high” effect in individuals is known as the THC. This formula does not contain a single trace of the forbidden component of marijuana. In this way, it delivers pain relief in a completely safe and legal way.

CBD acts as a powerful analgesic. Its effectiveness has been proven by scientifically conducted clinical trials. It has also been approved by the FDA for safe consumption by humans.

Once again, it must be stressed that CBD is a hundred percent safe despite being derived from a narcotic herb. Marijuana is no longer deemed illegal in the US since its legalization in 2017 for use in medicine and scientific research. Interested folks can, therefore, reach out for this product without any fear or doubts.

Mechanism of Action

Those who are still skeptic about the safety and effectiveness of the formula should pay attention to this section. It explains the mechanism of action of the Healthy King Cream to clear all doubts.

By means of thorough scientific research, it has been discovered that the human body contains a special endocannabinoid system spread throughout the brain as well as the rest of the body. It’s consists of neurotransmitters and their specific receptors. This is the reason why THC and CBD chemicals are capable of stimulating the mind and body through their respective receptors in the endocannabinoid system. These receptors are of 2 main kinds – CB1 and CB2. While CB1 is mainly found in the brain, CB2 is spread throughout the rest of the body. It is the former which is stimulated by THC, leading to marijuana’s narcotic effects. On the other hand, the primary ingredient of the Healthy King Cream – CBD – only affects CB2 which leads to pain relief.

This mechanism of action has been clinically tested and approved. It has already helped a large number of users get rid of debilitating body aches and pains without causing any harmful effects.

How was the Formula Developed?

The story behind the formulation of the cream is quite interesting and worth mentioning. This background further supports the effectiveness and safety of the product.

This astounding discovery was made by Dr. Jamie’s mother – Mary Richardson. She was 92 at that time and used to suffer from the unbearable pain of arthritis. This pain became excruciating when she suffered 2 strokes within a period of 67 days. Although she survived, her suffering became intolerable for her. When doctors failed to provide her with an effective solution, she began looking up for possible remedies on her own. Almost a year later she came across a pain remedy used by healers during the ancient times when there were no painkillers or other advanced medical treatments available. This ancient remedy, which used to treat people like magic, made use of CBD. Marry used the same formula and was astonished to see the amazing results in the form of much-coveted relief from pain.

Unfortunately, at that time, she could not bring this treatment to the market since the use of marijuana was illegal at the time. However, in 2017, the government made the use of this herb legal for medicinal purposes. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Dr. Jamie Richardson began further research on this remedy, made improvements to the formula and introduced it to the masses as the Healthy King Cream.

Why should One Buy this Product?

After establishing the fact that the formula is completely safe, legal and effective, it can be recommended to all those who suffer from muscle and joint pain. It is a non-prescription treatment and can be easily purchased by anyone whenever its need arises. This saves one from the doctor’s bills and the long hours spent in his waiting room. The product really does bring a great deal of ease to users.

The positive effects of CBD address several health issues. Other than relieving pain, it also helps in alleviating general anxiety. This state of relaxation and relief from pain result in improved sleep patterns. Therefore, day after day, the cream will help in bringing a desirable improvement in the quality of life.

This product can also help one get rid of the smoking addiction. So, those who have been struggling unsuccessfully with this unhealthy habit can take help from this efficacious CBD preparation.

The formula also leads to a number of general health benefits. These include blood sugar regulation in order to control and prevent diabetes, an improved digestion, and prevention of acne breakouts. Overall, the formula performs very well as an analgesic as well as for other areas of the human health.

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