What is HauSafe Cam HD?

A powerful alarm designed to scare off intruders.

A U.S. home is broken into every 20 seconds. That’s over 4,500 break-ins every day. HauSafe Cam HD is fast becoming the most widely used security device on the planet. Hardly surprising given the soaring global crime rates, right? It features an ultra-sharp 1080P lens, 360° rotating panoramic infrared camera, night vision, two-way audio, alarms to scare intruders away, and an automatic tracking function designed to protect your home from any unwanted visitors.
Save money without sacrificing the safety of your loved ones.

Installing a home security system was once considered something of an investment. But thanks to advances in tech and the American company responsible for HauSafe Cam HD, now get your hands on one for next to nothing.

With HauSafe Cam HD you can control everything from your cell phone via using app.

And it’s easy to install. It really is just as simple as changing a light bulb.


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