How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Permanently?

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Every part of our body is important but our eyes are one of the most sensitive part. As we use it most of the time when we are up, because of not sleeping well or spending too much time in front of screen could lead you to grow dark circles around your eyes. This process would happen slowly and gradually but there comes a time when your eyes will have a dark bag around them. This would create a huge impact in your appearance as well as the health of your eyes.

The best thing about using all of these ingredients is they are all natural and you are not consuming any unnatural product that could hurt your eyes or skin.  Below you can find 5 things you could easily use to get rid of your dark circles.

Tea Bags

Tea bags are full of caffeine and it could act as bleaching agent to get rid of your darker skin around your eyes. All you need is a set of used tea bags, you have to freeze them for fifteen minutes and then keep them on your e yes for ten minutes. Apply this to your eyes every day for a week and you will see an amazing change in your dark circles.

Almond Oil

It’s one of that oil that could help you nourish your skin it also helps your skin to lighten. If you will mix almond oil with vitamin e oil you will get rid of your dark circles permanently. You have to apply the mixture before going to bed under your eyes, once you wake up wash it up with cold water.


We all have seen a movie or a TV series where the diva is relaxing with a slice of cucumber on her eyes, this could actually help you in real life too with the antioxidants inside, Cucumber can actually help your eyes to be clean and refreshed.

Potato Juice

Just like caffeine, Potato juice can also be a great resource of a bleaching agent that could be applied around your eyes. Take few slices of raw potato and squeeze it to get a bit of juice, and then apply it around your dark circles and wait for 10 to 12 minutes, wash it with cold water after that. You can repeat the process daily until your eyes will get its glow back.


If you eat tomatoes everyday it could help your skin to glow and putting them on your eyes could also make them glow. All you need is to mix tomato juice to lemon juice and apply it twice a day for 2 to 3 weeks to get the results you have always been looking for.

Rose Water

Many people doesn’t have a clue but if you eat rose pastels you can make your skin pink and glowing also washing your face and eyes with rose water could bring a charm to you as well. It could help you relax your tired eyes with its soothing effect. It’s one of the best natural skin toner you could find. Soak a cotton bud into rose water and apply it gently on your dark circles and wash your eyes after 10 minutes this remedy could bring out your sizzling eyes with in few weeks.

So you don’t have to spend money to buy expensive chemical creams to fix your dark circles, you can get them fixed easily just by using the things that can be found in your Kitchen.

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