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back to life program review

Waking up healthy every day is a great blessing for everyone because even a small wound or insect bite can ruin your entire day and routine. Pain in any part of the body is something that affects the whole body’s performance whenever anyone needs to perform any task or simply following the daily routine. Chronic Back pain is a medical condition that almost everyone faces at some stage in their lives which persists longer. This is the most uncomfortable feeling that creates hinders for you from doing daily chores smoothly.  Spending hows in front of your computer could become the reason for your uneasiness, and the answer to what to do for back pain? is a book by Emily Lark called Back to Life Erase my Back Pain.

Find All Natural Remedies For Back Pain And Inflammation

What is Back to Life all about?

To overcome such problems, people often went to specialists, therapists or take OTC medications which provide them relief for a temporary period but unable to diminish it completely. Back to Life is a specially designed set of exercises that resolves this chronic back pain issue and set out a new peaceful pain-free life for you. This program covers most common types of back pain that people suffer which includes: Lumbar pain, mid back pain, sciatica, spinal stenosis, as well as back pain due to injuries or accidents.

About the author

This program is designed by Emily Lark, a fitness coach since 2004. She also suffered severe back pain for years after a car accident at the age of 12. The doctors believed surgery is the only solution otherwise she cannot heal properly. But she opted to struggle and then research on her own and after gaining some experiences from her knowledge and workouts, she managed to relief her back pain simply by a 10-minute routine on a regular basis. She got fame due to her intense struggle and later she taught her yoga skills to a lot of people living in the United States.

Learn How To Relieve Lower Back Pain While Sleeping

Product description

This Program is available as an e-book as well as video tutorials by Emily herself where she will explain each and every aspect of back pain, its consequences and simple and easy to follow routine exercises. This e-book is mainly focused on the following key factors:

  • Simple and easy moves with much-advanced options.
  • An ancient stretch of only 30 seconds that releases back pain.
  • Torso twist that helps in maintaining the shape of the spinal cord.
  • The correct method of doing the goal post stretch.
  • Strengthening core and glutes while sitting on a chair.
  • To ease sciatica, another glute stretch is also described.
  • Lengthening hip flexor muscles is also demonstrated properly.
  • To end forward head improper posture, there are some neck stretches too.
  • To relief shoulder and neck, static stretches in detail.

Along with every purchase, you will also get an e-book ‘Healthy Back Checklist’ which will guide you about ways to minimize back pain naturally without taking any kind of medications. This e-book also covers the following facts:

  • Series of simple steps to release tension while sitting
  • Steps to minimize pain
  • Spinal movements to maintain overall body muscles properly
  • Ways to sleep in case of back pain as well as how not to sleep
  • Aligning posture properly
  • Nutrition tips to calm pain

Get Rid of Your Back Pain Naturally and Permanently

Back Pain Causes

There are a number of reasons that results in such chronic back pain that affects overall life and health of a person including:

  • Wrong posture especially while sitting
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Sciatica
  • Arthritis
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Lifting or moving heavy objects in an incorrect manner
  • Due to an injury in the backbone

Such a phenomenon alters a person’s shape of backbone due to the extra pressure that it can resist. The backbone of human can be bent easily when a force or pressure repeated acts upon it for a quite long time. A vast number of people that feel pain chronic back pain are women especially when they are working long hours or when they are nursing their infants in an incorrect posture.

Pros and cons of this product


  • All the information written in the e-book is to the point and highly informative
  • The video lectures are very clear and easy to understand by anyone
  • The techniques for relieving pain are mindfulness and calms you well
  • This workout can be done anytime and anywhere easily
  • You can do these workouts effortlessly with a busy routine as well
  • The author is a real, famous and trustworthy person
  • The author is also giving direct lectures to customers from time to time
  • You will be getting two bonus e-books as well namely, ‘Back To Life Yoga’ and ‘Back To Life Guided Meditation’
  • There is a full refund policy as well that enables unsatisfied customers to get their money back within 60 days of purchase.


  • This program is only available in the form of softcopy
  • In case of severe back pain, you must consult your healthcare provider before doing some of the exercises as they are very intense.


Erase my back pain stretches is available to access on the internet after paying an amount of $37 only which seems to be quite affordable and acceptable when you compare it with other less efficient products. In this price, you are not only getting this e-book but there are two free supportive e-books as well which will help you in guiding all the details that you may ask for to maintain healthy body shape and overall health.

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How to get this e-book?

To get this product, simply go to their official website. You will also find more details about this guidebook as well as there are some testimonials which will lead to a risk-free satisfactory purchase. Scroll down and click ‘Add to Cart’ button. You will be taken to another page with a secure form. Fill it carefully and you can pay via all major credit cards easily. After the payment, you will get direct access to the e-books as well as instructional video lectures by the trainer.


Back to Life is a complete guide to eliminating chronic back pain completely from your stressful life and it will also let to sleep peacefully without pain. This product is based on healthy workout tips and nutrition guidelines that promote risk-free relief from back pain of any nature or origin. It backs with a money back guarantee and comes with bonus helpful e-books too which will also work efficiently in improving the quality of living a pain-free life.

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